Here’s a couple of completely different tracks that have caught my ear recently. First up is Worker Bee’s ‘No Dreams’ from their new album, Tangler. The press release that heralded this song was almost enough to turn me off listening to the track at all, describing tracks as “blue dirges” and saying that “space left ajar by the music is quickly occupied by the listener’s own impartments”. Urgh. However, the music is a little more palatable, a metronomic, guitar-led track with a chiming tone and breathy, measured vocals reminiscent of a less harmony-driven Grizzly Bear. Just when you think the slow pace might drag it all down into dullness there’s a moment of raucous noise before the next verse begins, and then a minute of far more upbeat instrumentation to end it all. You won’t be whistling it afterwards, but it’s a confident song, knowing just how to manipulate the listener at the right times and jolt them into interest.

Worker Bee – No Dreams (YSI)

The second track, Givers’ ‘Up, Up, Up’, comes courtesy of the wonderful Come Pick Me Up. The band seem to be capitalising on the success of everyone’s favourite afro-indie scamps, Vampire Weekend, bringing their own upbeat take of that sound to the table with quite some aplomb. The girl-boy vocals and bubbling synths carry the first half of the song along on a cloud of chirpiness before a far rockier outro takes hold, pounding the whole affair along beautifully. This is the perfect summery song to carry me along through the cold, and I suggest you give it a chance too.

Givers – Up, Up, Up (YSI)