Withered Hand

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There is some bloody good music on this week’s show. Some of it I’ve written about, some of it I most likely will, and some of it’s just nice to hear again. A PUZZLE: Listen to it all and find out what’s what.

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This week’s Fok Bloke show took a shizophrenic turn, veering wildly from songs about terrible things to songs about other things, and I think I harped on about it a bit too much. It was quite exciting.

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More Christmas stuff this week in the form of Withered Hand, Forest Mountain Hymnal and the wonderful For Folks’ Sake Christmas charity compilation, which you should buy. Also, I found out about a new band who I’m really rather taken with, in the form of Saintsenica. Here’s a track:

Saintseneca – Acid Rain

By the way, I’ll get around to, you know, actually writing something specifically for the blog at some point.

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Oh god, Christmas has begun.

Withered Hand – It’s A Wonderful Lie

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Today I deal in facts. This is the ninth episode of my radio show, The Folk Bloke. It is one hour, one minute and forty-six seconds long, making it the second-longest episode I have broadcast (trailing behind the grotesqueries of the one hour, three minute and eighteen second long travesty that was Episode Five). In it I discuss the dullness of The Vaccines and the stupid manifesto written by new band Sons of Joy. I like it. I like you. I miss you.

Avi Buffalo – Truth Sets In (YSI)

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When I started posting up these episodes, I was enthused. ‘So!’, thought I, ‘I will have an extra post every week. Good!’


Turns out, my subconscious is very convincing in telling me that I’ve actually posted more than I have. I promise I will attempt to rectify that this week.

The Flaming Lips – The Sound of Failure (YSI)

I’ve never been to an instore before, so being told that the wonderful Withered Hand would be playing at the amazing RPM Records in Newcastle was just the thing to help me break my duck. There were only around ten people there unfortunately, but Dan Willson still smiled, chatted with the crowd and played his wonderfully funny, lovelorn tunes to us with all the aplomb of a performer playing to a packed room. It was just a nice little serenade for us all (if you can consider lyrics about masturbating on someone’s futon a serenade) and a perfect chance to see an artist I haven’t seen live before in a situation I wouldn’t usually be able to. Lovely.

Withered Hand – Cornflake (YSI)

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