Sorry for the long wait between posts folks, I’ve been slack after coming back from uni, and I’m afraid I have more bad news, I’ll be away for about two weeks from tomorrow on holiday. But fear not, I leave you with something wonderful.

I got an email from Laura Marling’s mailing list a week or so ago, proclaiming her to having played with Jeffrey Lewis. Now seeing as I love her and newly love him, this seemed like something I should hear immediately, and hear it I did. For an odd little new section on the Guardian website, Jeffrey Lewis has started singing the news and then performing tracks with other artists, and the result of the first of these was his collaboration with Ms. Marling (link). And a weird one it is too.

They’re covering Eminem’s “Brain Damage” in a simplistic sing-song style (x4 alliteration), with Jeffrey’s tell-tale drawl sitting uncomfortably but wonderfully next to Laura’s dictive style. It’s not an instant classic, but I’ve listened to it a lot recently and it makes me smile, which is never a bad thing. And with that I leave you!

Jeffrey Lewis and Laura Marling – Brain Damage (Eminem Cover) (YSI)


Weezer – Island In The Sun (YSI)