I’ll be talking about this in more rambling depth on this week’s radio show, but there’s something about ‘2012’, the new(est) track from sibling duo This Frontier Needs Heroes that reminds me of Other Lives. What my favourite Stilwater multi-instrumentalists do in huge, dramatic soundscapes TFNH do in a certain stomping, melodic windrush – that being a conjuring of some vaguely mystical America. There’s something more at work in both beyond simply the noises they make, and it’s what makes both bands so much fun to listen to and infuriatingly difficult to write about.

Then again, it could just be that TFNH have produced ‘2012’ as though they played it from within an echoing, cosmic sphere. Either way, it’s some seriously fantastic skewed folk-pop and two versions of this song will cost you a dollar, so you should buy it – they might be able to afford a real cosmic sphere if you do.