If this blog were actually human, it would be walking, talking, self-actualising and probably crying quite a lot quite a lot by now. Apart from self-actualising (WordPress’ pingback system makes me think I have comments when actually it’s just me writing about my own posts. META), it seems blogs follow a rather quicker life cycle. After a promising growth spurt, and a plateau of postage, there have been times in the last year when I’ve though ol’ MFAGW (which is fun to pronounce phonetically) might just be on its last legs.

A combination of university, musical disinterest and laziness has meant my previous prolificity has ebbed somewhat and, with it, reading figures plummetted. Hype Machine is a fickle mistress. But this was always a personal project and those gaps mean just as much as my posts, really. When I want to write about music, I love it and I truly hope that that want returns to its former glory now that graduation (and thus unemployment) has happened. For now, I’ll plug away as and when I want to and to those who keep wanting to read, I thank you very, very much.

The Beach Boys – When I Grow Up (YSI)
The Young Knives – Part Timer (YSI)