We all make mistakes. A time-old adage I’m sure you’ll agree but one that always seems to hold true. My mistake (this time) was for not listening to The spinto Band a bit more. I’ve had their song “Mountains” for two or so years, and it’s actually been one of my most played songs, so why is it that I never listened to any of their other songs?

It’s not even like “Oh Mandy” is a hard to find track, in the world of underground indie-pop it’s a fairly well-established tune. And it’s from their 6th bloody album! What’s wrong with me? Luckily, I’m starting to make up for that now with obsessive listening. After a nice little ’50s B-Movie keyboard effect, Nick Krill’s sliding falsetto winds its way all over the insanely upbeat and high register melodies that worm their way into your ears until the joyful repetition of the chorus tugs the edges of your lips upward.

And let’s not forget that they have a new album out, Moonwink. I haven’t heard all of it yet, but it promises to be a similarly joyous affair if “Pumpkins and Paisley” is anything to go by. So don’t make my mistake, if you haven’t heard these little beauties yet, do it, they’ll brighten your day and your mood, or your download back. Probably.

The Spinto Band – Oh Mandy
The Spinto Band – Mountains
The Spinto Band – Pumpkins & Paisley