The Spend

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You have had to deal with ten of these now. They ain’t stopping.

Beirut – Untitled 10 (YSI)

Folk music can be many things: Relaxing, introspective, beautiful, poetic. One thing folk music does very little is convey a sense of true urgency, but in listening to Gills (Dry) by The Spend, that’s just what happens. The furiously strummed, picked and plucked guitar trips over itself to get where it wants to go throughout, acting as melody and percussion simultaneously, guiding and embellishing the song, and never letting the vocals drag the pace down. You might say that this kind of sound simply isn’t folk, but taking those vocals into account as they float over the guitar, carrying that warm, familiar feel of honest introspection, it all becomes clear. It’s all over very quickly, but that urgent feeling won’t leave you for a while afterward.

The Spend – Gills (Dry) (YSI)