The Presets

True to my word to my friend Matt, and the fact I should really pay some attention to my own roots, I’m gonna approach some lovely Australian music today. Matt had some suggestions: Gyroscope, Potbelleez, The Living End, The Presets and Faker. Now I can’t approach them all, mainly because I’m supposed to be working at the moment, and I frankly don’t know enough about some of them to make informed opinions, but consider them all recommendations from Matt.

The Living End’s new single “White Noise” is a breezy shot of pop-rock, with some nice melodic vocals put over the top. There are elements of Wolfmother riffage, a nice call and response chorus and the whole thing is well put together. I can’t get hold of the track at the moment, but it’s on their Myspace, as well as the riff-heavy “How Do We Know”.

I can’t review Gyroscope’s album, but I can review their first single from it, mainly because it was everywhere when Cat and I were travelling in Oz earlier this year. “Snakeskin” starts with an almost early-Muse intro, building into a blistering, throaty chorus that could carry the song by itself. Yet again, I’m a bit rubbish, so I can’t provide you with a download, but here’s their Myspace.

I’ve already expressed my love for The Presets particular brand of electric apocalypse rock, and they’ve released a new single “Talk Like That”. Opening with a typically ostentatious organ, and then introducing the marvellously deep, Editors-on-a-football-terrace vocals that dominate the song. And I actually have this song!

The Presets – Talk Like That

And here’s a couple of lovely, Australian (or Australian themed) tracks to appease you all:

The Cat Empire – Hello
The Shins – Australia

I don’t know about you guys, but music for the Apocalypse is something that’s constantly foremost in my thoughts. What with constant news warnings about climate change, nuclear proliferation and the rise in popularity of Philadelphia cream cheese (which is disgusting in case you don’t know), I’m constantly thinking of songs that could be used to play out the final moments of my life.

For instance, if I was at some kind of crazy end of the world party, I’d choose The Presets’ “My People” (Coincedentally, from their album “Apocalypso”). It could be the fact that it sounds like a flourescent marching song, it could be that the vocals are repeated in a deep, menacing tone, or it could just be the dark sense of foreboding that hangs over the whole thing, but this strikes me as a perfect way to end the world in style.
The Presets – My People [YSI]