Just to let you know before I begin, I’m going to break some rules. I’m going to be effusive in my praise for a band where I’m friends with them, I’m going to be very biased, but frankly I don’t care.

The Harringtons hail from St. Albans, mainly from St. Albans School, former haunt of the amazing Friendly Fires no less, as well as your humble blogger. Formed primarily by Miles Howell and Gareth Hooper over a mutual love of playing Libertines songs and named after their favourite lunchtime greasy spoon, the lineup’s completed by musical virtuoso brothers Jonathan and Nick Ketley.

As you’d expect, there’s a healthy dose of Libertines-y indie scuzz, but with every new batch of songs there’s a heavier element coming through, not to mention guitar solos and three part harmonies galore. I saw them on the 23rd at “Music Pub of the Year” The Horn in St. Albans. The room was packed out, I (and everyone around me) was sweating like a pig, and the band unleashed themselves like no other time I’d seen them. Their gig had been listed in the NME that week, which can only have helped the turnout, and I could only say good things coming out. The set was tight, the older tracks already seem like crowd pleasers and the newer ones were different and really bloody good.

It’s difficult as a friend to really form an objective opinion, but I honestly think The Harringtons are something special, so please take a listen, look them up on their Myspace page and keep an ear to the ground, as I’m sure they have what it takes to make an impact on a stale scene.

The Harringtons – Touts
The Harringtons – Girls, Boys and Toys
The Harringtons – Get Shot Down