There’s nothing like stumbling on an old song you’ve loved but haven’t listened to for a while – it always makes you remember what you were doing in years previous, what you were feeling when you played it last. Well, recently I came across a great big hunk of slow-burning goodness called “Nietzche” by The Dandy Warhols. Whilst young and impetuous, I decided that, based solely on “Bohemian Like You” (which I still know all the words to), I should buy Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia. What I got wasn’t quite what I expected, but I listened and loved it anyway. “Nietzche” was one of the highlights, full of squalls of almost overpowering dark noise, two vocalists singing the same hypnotic words throughout and pounding drumbeats pushing the whole thing along before it all falls away again slowly at the end. This isn’t music to dance to, it’s music to obliterate anything else you might be doing, it’s all-encompassing and freaking wonderful, and it’s nothing like the pop-rock that made them famous.

The Dandy Warhols – Nietzche (YSI)