NME this week released a compilation of covers of The Cure, who have just been entirely rightly given the NME Godlike Genius award. Now the worth of this album was always going to be in question, because surely we should hear the band themselves and, whilst some of the covers are pretty good, there was always the chance of a song by The Cure being absolutely ruined by a lesser band. And guess what? Lostprophets managed just that, the Welsh bastards. By not changing any element of “Boys Don’t Cry” except the vocals into a ridiculous faux-american whine, I may never enjoy the original song again, for fear of the painful memories.

Luckily, The Futureheads manage to salvage it a little by putting their usual harmonic genius to good use on a cacophonous version of “The Lovecats”, so please, do yourself a favour and listen to that instead.

The Futureheads – The Lovecats