Sons of Joy

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Part two of round-up day on MFAGW comes in the form of my Christmas Day show for DIY Radio, a (mercifully for some, I’m sure) mostly presenter-free episode where I played a stream of my favourite Folk Bloke tracks of the year. If nothing else, it’s a bloody good line-up of music – Bill Callahan, Alessi’s Ark, Saintseneca, Rob St. John and, obviously Josh T. Pearson all make appearances. If you want an hour of delightful music to reminisce on, stick it on and lay back.

Josh T. Pearson – Thou Art Loosed!

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This week’s show had an abundance (two) of double bills, apologies (two) and songs from films (one?).

The Roots – Double Trouble (YSI)

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You have had to deal with ten of these now. They ain’t stopping.

Beirut – Untitled 10 (YSI)

“Pardon me. It’s very rare to see… real magic.” – Some dude in The Prestige (which is really good and is where the picture of that handsome devil above comes from)

As I’ve made clear in some relatively recent posts, I had rather fallen out of love with the process of actively searching out music. The (self-imposed) pressure of always being on the lookout for something new and exciting meant I had very little time to really listen to things, get to know tracks and albums like I did when it wasn’t such an active concern. So much of music is a passive experience – we use it to fill in silence or boredom or soundtrack films; the actual activity of listening to music is rarely the only thing going on at the time and in forcing it to be a solitary experience, I made myself resent it a little.

Which is why finding two genuinely exciting songs in one week has made me a very happy indeed. Both of these tracks hooked me, jolted me out of whatever else I was doing and truly forced me to listen – the effect all great music should have. I’m not sure I want to say too much about both of them, sufficed to say they’re both forceful, immediate and quite unlike one another. I feel about as excited as I have done in quite a long while about this stuff and, whilst I’m still working my way back into truly, completely caring about that search, this is a good sign.

Gross Magic – Sweetest Touch (YSI)
Sons of Joy – I Wouldn’t Mind Dying (YSI) – my thanks go out to the superlative Matthew at Song, By Toad (again) for this one

PS. It only occurred to me after I wrote this that Gross Magic also fits into the Prestige theme of this post. I’m a genius!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Today I deal in facts. This is the ninth episode of my radio show, The Folk Bloke. It is one hour, one minute and forty-six seconds long, making it the second-longest episode I have broadcast (trailing behind the grotesqueries of the one hour, three minute and eighteen second long travesty that was Episode Five). In it I discuss the dullness of The Vaccines and the stupid manifesto written by new band Sons of Joy. I like it. I like you. I miss you.

Avi Buffalo – Truth Sets In (YSI)