Glo-Fi and Dream Pop are not two genres I knew before the end of last year, never mind the bands who operate between their murky, sleepy boundaries. When I did learn what those terms meant (sort of, they seem both interchangeable and distinct depending on where you read about them), I wasn’t particularly impressed by what I heard about them – it all sounded a little too dull, a little too artificial. But as the praises were rolled out and the end of year lists were tallied up, I thought I owed it to the music geek inside me to have a little listen. Lo and behold, I was too quick to judge yet again – the two bands I heard hyped most, and who I’d ignored most as a result, turned out to be as good as everyone had been (indirectly) telling me. Duh.

In Glo-Fi’s corner, we have Neon Indian, whose glittering synths, weighty beats and treated vocals charmed me immediately. There’s something about this mix that seems perfectly blissful whilst actually being really quite loud. For Dream Pop I refer you to Beach House, who manage a beautiful union of silky melodies and just enough oddity to make for the most intriguing of listens. I won’t pretend to know much more about each of these genres, bands or scenes beyond what I’m telling you now, but if you’ve treated them with as much suspicion as I did until recently, just give them a quick spin – you might surprise yourself.

Neon Indian – Psychic Chasms (YSI)
Beach House – Norway (YSI)