LCD Soundsystem

I’ve always enjoyed mash ups, but most often for their comic value. Being with friends and exciting them with the promise of something excellent like ‘Seven Nation Army’ or ‘Let It Be’ only for it to resolve itself into, let’s say, a mash up with Backstreet Boys or Shaggy respectively (yeah, I have those tracks)  is exactly the kind of cruel musical trick that makes me giggle like a fool – particularly if it really annoys someone who thinks mash ups are terrible. The thing is, because of my lowered expectations, finding a really well-executed, creative mash up is therefore a particularly enjoyable experience. Max Tannone‘s Jaydiohead project was an example – not only was he utilising songs I deeply love as excellent backing tracks, but his actual musical talents were on show (his re-engineering of ’15 Step’s troublesome time signature the most obvious standout for this).

It seems strange then that longtime favourite DJ Lobsterdust, a man, woman or sonically-gifted A.I. platform who has mixed Boston with the Black Eyed Peas and Nirvana with Wild Cherry could have made something as interesting, well-thought-out and unequivocally good as ‘Shutterbugg Yrself’. It seems obvious once you’ve heard it, but the bombastic approach of Big Boi’s vocal tracks is matched unexpectedly perfectly by the sparse percussion and synths of LCD Soundsystem, making for a track that swaps the  explosive braggadocio of the hip-hop original’s production for something that seems like it could have grown organically out of a freestyle. It’s a great example of the merit of mash ups, and the sheer scope for musical experimentation they offer. But keep the hilarious ones coming, too. What about Lou Reed and Metalli- Oh.

Big Boi vs. LCD Soundsystem – Shutterbugg Yrself (DJ Lobsterdust Mash Up) (YSI)

I love the unexpected, completely emotive feeling of realising that you adore a song. That moment of “Fuck me, this is just incredible” seems almost primal, a base wonder that something this perfect could exist. It happens rarely, but that memory doesn’t fade easily. It happened to me yesterday, listening to LCD Soundsystem’s ‘New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down’.

Everything about this track is just unbelievably good; the way it starts as a stately ballad then seemingly veers out of control two thirds of the way through, stutters out of existence before finally righting itself once more, how James Murphy’s voice literally cracks and struggles to hit the high range, how the lyrics make such a specific situation seem somehow universal (But they shuttered your stores / When you opened the doors / To the cops who were bored / Once they’d run out of crime). Even the way the very first line sounds just a tiny little bit like Kermit The Frog.

It seems wise not to ramble too much (I really could though), so let’s extend the subject – what song does/has done this to you?

LCD Soundsystem – New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down (YSI)