I’ve put off relistening to Jesus H. Foxx for a long time. My first listen didn’t bowl me over, but I’m not sure what that song was now, and I’m not even sure what it sounded like. Upon listening to ‘I’m Half The Man You Were’, I’m now also not sure how I could’ve disliked what I heard. Whatever it was, this song stuck in my head and made me smile from the first time I heard it. It could seem like some standard indie fare, but when you notice just how cool the deep, spoken vocals or the not-quite Afro-pop guitar flourishes are, followed by Flaming Lips-esque backing ‘ooh’s and the kind of tempo/tone changes that make you rewind just to hear when it changed it becomes clear that this is something really rather different indeed. I won’t be making the same mistake twice, I’ll be listening to more Foxx soon.

Jesus H. Foxx – I’m Half The Man You Were (YSI)

PS. I just realised that I’ve blogged about two Song, By Toad artists/releases in a row and it makes me seem a little smarmy but, you know, the man has taste, what can I say?