Jamie T was always a favourite of mine, Panic Prevention was an absolutely wonderful debut from him, improving and expanding on the demos I’d got to know and love whilst I followed his rise to prominence, the gobby wordsmith of Wimbledon really couldn’t put a foot wrong in my books. Today, Jamie T released a new song, “Fire Fire” for free, along with a music video that can be watched on Youtube.

This seemed like great news to me, especially with Jamie himself telling NME that, “It’s proper, I’m really fucking proud of it, [that’s why] I’m making a video for it. It’s not just like a little ‘La la whatever’, it’s like a big deal for us.” Annoyingly, music video or not, it’s a rubbish song. There are intermittent periods of Jamie spitting out his usual drawl over a fast paced backing, which would be really rather nice if it wasn’t completely overtaken bya whole heap of completely incomprehensible shouting. And the mp3 they’ve released is actually worse quality than the Youtube video.

I think we’ll wait for the next record thanks, Jamie.

Jamie T – Fire Fire