So by now I imagine you’ve seen this year’s BBC Sound of 2012 long list. It’s not spectacular. Which is why a group of the UK’s best music blogs – and me, somehow – were petitioned to put together their own list within much the same parameters to see what kind of alternatives we would come up with. No matter what I might think, the aim wasn’t to disrespect what had been suggested elsewhere, but rather to provide another viewpoint, from a different section of the industry (namely, outside of it, looking ravenously in) and, looking at the results, I think we’ve managed that admirably. So here it is, the Blog Sound of 2012 longlist:
  • Houdini Dax
  • Lianne De Haves
  • Theme Park
  • French Wives
  • The Good Natured
  • Alt J
  • The Jezabels
  • Lucy Rose
  • Bastille
  • Washington
  • Friends
  • Meursault
  • Daughter
  • Beth Jeans Houghton
  • Outfit

No prizes for guessing who I voted for there.

Meursault – Sleet

The shortlist will be revealed as and when the Beeb’s own version is released and we’ll continue from there. Oh, and just so you know, the “panel” was made up of:

Breaking More Waves, My Band Is Better Than Your Band,  God Is In the TV,  Sweeping The Nation, The Von Pip Musical Express, The Recommender, Faded Glamour, Drunken Werewolf, Flying With Anna, Not Many Experts, Underclassed Idle Ideas, Sonic Masala, Mudkiss, The Pop Cop, The Ring Master, Both Bars On, Music From A Green Window, Dots And Dashes, The Daily Growl, And Everyones A DJ, Kowolskiy, Just Music That I Like, Cruel Rhythms,  The Blue Walrus, Music Fans Mic, Seventeen Seconds, Eaten By Monsters, Seven Sevens, Unpeeled, New Rave Brain Wave, Peenko, Music Liberation and Song By Toad.