Sometimes I take a bit of persuading. I first heard Hot Panda’s ‘Mindlessnesslessness’ on episode 146 (I think) of the Toadcast and, with some reason, thought “What the fuck is this?” and paid it little more heed. But after a recommendation from the excellent and all-too-infrquent 100b I downloaded it (not remembering what it was) and proceeded to think “I remember this. What the fuck is this? It’s brilliant!”

Equal parts deliriously fun and really quite creepy, this song is the soundtrack to a nightmare carnival – indecipherable whooping, rushing organ, distant ‘Ghost Town’ trumpets and tumbling guitar plucks run headlong into one another for two minutes before changing into an altogether different song, pick up pace again and then get literally shushed away. Ridiulous(ly good).

Hot Panda – Mindlessnesslessness (YSI)

Also, the band apparently sell their own brand of hot sauce as merch. I like them.