One of my favourite TV series is finally back on the air. It basically involves a very grumpy man, sitting on his own, in his house, swearing and shouting at the television in the crudest eloquence you’ve ever heard. And it’s bloody wonderful.

Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe, is the most fun I ever have watching TV, and it’s so simple. There really is nothing like watching someone just get totally enraged by something, and the use of Tim Key’s poetry (this series) or David Firth’s animations (previous series) help to break it up a little. The nicest thing is when Charlie finds himself actually liking something, and describing it in the same verbose and brilliant way he does when he’s slagging things off. To watch this series, keep checking BBC iPlayer, and for all the previous four series the wonderful xthemusic channel is a godsend.

I really, really urge you to watch it – it manages to be hilarious, informative and occasionally enraging (at the disgusting habits of the TV Industry) constantly.

Grandaddy – AM 180