My god I’m poor at keeping this blogging lark. And I’m sorry. So sorry in fact that I will give you all my favourite things to listen to at the moment. I love you.

The song I have been playing most recently is, by a country mile, The Low Anthem’s ‘Charlie Darwin’. I don’t know why I haven’t heard this track, this album, this band yet, because by the sound of this one sample, they’re fucking beautiful. There sounds as if there’s so much to this track, but it’s really very simple. Just acoustic guitar, backing vocals, occasional harmonica and Ben Knox Miller’s incredible falsetto. And oh, the lyrics! ‘Who could heed the words of Charlie Darwin/Fighting for a system built to fail’. Please, just download it and stop reading me write about it.

The Low Anthem – Charlie Darwin (YSI)

Part of the reason I’ve not posted on here for a little while has been because I’m tasked with making a short documentary for part of my degree, and a lot of my recent time has been spent trying to find the perfect soundtrack for said doc. The whole affair is based around my annoyance with Hollywood romance, and how love is reduced to a series of grand gestures. All we’re shown in movies is people doing incredibly romantic things and expecting everlasting love, so I tried to find a song that would help convey what I think love is really about it. And I went for King Charles.

King Charles – Beating Hearts (YSI)

But I nearly went for this lovely little ditty:

The Maccabees – First Love (Acoustic) (YSI)

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I have an irritating habit of filling up playlists with hundreds of tracks I don’t listen to for a very long time, and then feel like I missed out when I realise some of them are brilliant. Just such a thing has happened to me, again, with Gigi’s ‘The Old Graveyard’. It reminds me of the kind of retro piano-led pop song Belle & Sebastian are so fond of, but with a punchier aesthetic. It’s lovely, and it deserves listening to (if all the other favourable reviews hadn’t already convinced you)

Gigi – The Old Graveyard (YSI)

That’s all for now homies, more again soon(ish)!