Band names are a funny thing. They can turn you onto or off of a band before you’ve even heard them. I, for one, will probably never listen to Selfish Cunt, because if they’re idiotic enough to have that name, why would their music be any better? Does It Offend You, Yeah, caused themselves problems with their name because people thought they were a Nathan Barley joke (luckily, they’re awesome). In a similar vein, Fury Of The Headteachers could have easily made me think they were a bunch of idiots, but when I randomly came across their name on Myspace I gave them a chance.

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve listened to a whole heap of their material, or that I know a great deal about them apart from that they come from Sheffield, and I don’t think they’ll ever be famous. But you know when you find just one song by an artist you really click with? I heard “Fables”. It was just such an explosion of raucous noise from beginning to end – the intro sounds like a guitar being tortured, the vocals are breathless and unintelligible, the build up to the chorus sounds like the slow-motion moment in a film before a car falls off a cliff, and the chorus itself is the fall, only about 10 seconds long, but an exhilarating ride nonetheless.

They’ve since released an album, and I’m sad to say I think they’ve ruined the song with a new recording, but this scratchy, amazing demo will always be a personal favourite.

Fury of the Headteachers – Fables

PS. I just found out they’ve actually broken up. Oh.