Why yes, I am out of things to meaningfully talk about, so I return to my habit of shuffling three songs on my iTunes and talking about them. Enjoy!

Franz Ferdinand – Eleanor Put Your Boots On
This probably the most understated and sedated song from Franz Ferdinand’s underrated (unintentional rhyming overload!) second album, and also one of my favourites. Alex Kapranos’ straining voice lilts over tripping piano and gently strummed guitar. I don’t know what it reminds me of (quality music journalism there), but there’s something almost nostalgic about this song.

The Streets – Your Song
I had a lot of trouble understanding who decided that Mike Skinner should cover this Elton John classic when I first heard it. It’s immediately obvious why he approaches his lyrics in a spoken word style. He can’t sing. At all. But for some reason, after a couple of listens it became apparent that that’s almost why this song is so beautiful, it sounds like an everyman just making up a song for his love, it almost makes the message of the song more real.

The Cribs – Our Bovine Public
A definite difference in style here from the last two. This is an onslaught by the boys from Wakefield, an earthquake of guitar and drum action whilst Ryan Jarman explodes with vitriolic lyrics over the top. I’m not sure he breathes for this entire song. Simply awesome.