I’m going to have to say it again. Good Shoes were/are amazing, and I really want them to come back. Come on guys, The Maccabees have made their return, where are you? well, whilst searching for Good Shoes goodies, I found this really lovely cover of “Small Town Girl” by an (I think) Italian artist, Enrico Boccioletti, who goes by the name of Death In Donut Plains.

I gather this was done for a compilation somewhere on the interwebs, but it’s one of those rare covers that keeps the spirit of the original whilst changing it enough to stay interesting. The intro is all airy, hypnotic synths and occasional plucks of distant guitar, before the song proper starts and the jangling chords of Steve Leach are replaced by layers of electronic loveliness. The vocals are tinged with the merest hint of a European accent which, for some reason, I really, really love. I can’t get hold of any of his own work yet, but check out his Myspace page for some more great tracks (“Brotherhood” being my personal favourite)

Death In Donut Plains – Small Town Girl (YSI)
Good Shoes – Small Town Girl (YSI)