At some point I’ll get round to making a controversial list of things that really aren’t as good as people say they are. The reason I say this is because Animal Collective are, beneath the surface, just a bit rubbish, aren’t they? I mean let’s not kid ourselves, once you get past all the psychedelia that MGMT made cool again this year, and the reverb, the songs really don’t add up to much*.

However, if you are looking for some reverb-drenched beauty look no further than New York’s own Crystal Stilts. Now, using comparisions is usually rather vague and unhelpful, but I promise this sums them up: Imagine if Ian Curtis had grown up on a Californian beach, formed a band and they’d all gone to play in a wind tunnel. Honestly, it makes sense when you hear it. A throaty, upfront bass drives things along whilst faraway organs pipe and guitars strum away repetitively, whilst sing Brad Hargett drones his way all over it. It’s nothing new, but it’s still positively moody genius.

Crystal Stilts – Departure

*This is all opinion. Even if I am right.