Like many, many others across the internet and beyond, I bloody loved Cee Lo Green’s ‘Fuck You’. It did the best thing an out-and-out pop song can do – made the mainstream media ignore the fact that it’s clearly not suitable for daytime radio. Of course it was properly sanitised when it was played in the public domain, but you can’t ever quite stop thinking, ‘he should be saying “fuck” right now’.

Somehow though, I don’t think album track ‘Bodies’ could ever be censorially treated in quite the same way. With just faraway air raid sirens and a snare drum to its instrumental name, Cee Lo applies his fantastic vocals to a story of unmitigated creepiness; the story of seduction turned murder. It’s a wonderfully, and surprisingly, sparse entry in an album of otherwise consistently upbeat, traditional fare and although neo-soul murder ballads aren’t exactly ten a penny, but this makes a pretty strong case for that becoming a trend. However, no matter how hard they tried, I’m not sure how listening to a man whispering ‘you taste so good’ before breathing like a toll-free line pervert could ever make it onto Radio 1. Shame really.

Cee Lo Green – Bodies (YSI)