I really like my iTunes library. Don’t get me wrong, iTunes is not a great program, and the fact that I like to order everything just so means that I have to deal with it a lot more than I wish I had to. Also bear in mind that I constantly desire a far larger collection of CDs, any collection at all of vinyl and all the high-end equipment necessary to play it all with. But I don’t. And I love my iTunes library. I can be gently sailing through an ocean of tracks and, more often than not, come across something I’d completely forgotten about. Maybe I meant to write about it, maybe I downloaded it and never listened, but whatever’s happened to it in the meantime, it’s resurfaced and I get a moment of joy before I get angry at myself for forgetting it in the first place.

These tracks are examples. Both released almost half a year ago, both brilliant for different reasons and both swimming alluringly into my field of hearing for the first time in an age only today. Bridge Underwater’s ‘BeLoved’ is a spectacularly ramshackle bit of yearning indie-pop, scraping itself along aimiably until it whips out a mini guitar solo and Patrick Mellon’s vocals go all Thom Yorke circa-The Bends as the song fades into the distance. It’s a nice little unexpected flourish, like watching an old man hobble past street dancers and then join in. Spirit Spine’s ‘Ocean of Sand’ on the other hand has no such disguise, instead choosing to reveal itself with the most immediately evocative title this side of Snakes on a Plane. You hear it and just know, y’know? The languorous, reverb-heavy intro, complete with far-away, dolphin-esque yelping, bears all the aquatic qualities, whilst the final addition of booming drums and eddying guitar line to the ever-growing mix of noise recalls a sandstorm – abrasive, overwhelming.

They’re both late, they’re both brilliant and they both come courtesy of my idiot mind and a clunky playback service. Love you, iTunes!

Bridge Underwater – BeLoved

Spirit Spine – Ocean of Sand