This is very lazy (again), but a nice big live review of Laura Marling (amongst others) on her latest UK tour is up on my new favourite site, For Folk’s Sake. But, for the sake of so me original material, here are some things I didn’t include in that review:

– As Alessi played my girlfriend turned to me wide-eyed and whispered, ‘She’s adorable!’

– I now prefer theatres to regular venues; no-one talks through songs, no-one disrespects support artists (well, apart from latecomers) and it feels more like a ‘show’.

– In hindsight, I didn’t give Boy & Bear enough credit, they were pretty awesome (plus, I now have two Australian folk acts in two posts).

– I didn’t say a proper goodbye. Bye!

Boy and Bear – Mexican Mavis (YSI)
Alessi’s Ark – Shovelling (YSI)
Laura Marling – Alpha Shallows (YSI)