Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey’s a bloody genius. I don’t care if Tinselworm wasn’t quite up to scratch, Part Troll and Bewilderness are amongst some of the best stand up I’ve ever seen. He’s a genius through and through, comedically gifted, musically gifted and he owns a chameleon. Lucky man.

So to see that he had an hour long special on BBC Two discussing the intricacies of the orchestra, mixed with his own brand of musical stand up, I was excited to say the least. And I was not disappointed – from the use of bass clarinets and mute trombones in ’70s cop shows, bassoon players loving The Beegees and a full song using cowbells as the lead instrument it was hilarious and curiously educational. But by far the most amazing part of the show was Bill’s own rearrangement of his classic apocalyptic rock opera “Insect Nation” for the full orchestra, which I include for your listening pleasure. If you’re in the UK, watch the whole show on iPlayer here, and if not, content yourself with this song, and let’s hope it goes up on Youtube.

Bill Bailey – Insect Nation (Orchestral Version) (YSI)