I don’t know if you’ve heard, but music really is hugely enjoyable – and for a variety of different reasons! For instance, in our shuffle-dominated age, finding chance connections or the happy intertwining of songs you might not have thought compatible can become a wonderfully fulfilling practice, especially when it happens entirely spontaneously.

I didn’t even want shuffle on today, but through sheer happenstance, ‘Good Vibrations’ was followed by Belle & Sebastian’s ‘Step Into My Office, Baby’ and it immediately became clear that these two songs fit together perfectly. Brian Wilson’s pop symphony is emulated in Stuart Murdoch’s willingness to switch styles and moods within one track, as well as more obvious similarities such as harmonies and twanging surf guitar.

Music’s bloody brilliant – fact. Take that, conventional opinion!

The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations (YSI)
Belle & Sebastian – Step Into My Office, Baby (YSI)