For a band who I only know for one Sade cover, I got really quite excited by the prospect of new material from Beachwood Sparks. As the woozy progenitors of my psychedelic country interest, they have a lot to live up to in my brain – not least because I’ve been too enamoured by that one track to listen to anything else by them since. Luckily, their first new track in eleven years has sated me.

‘Forget the Song’ is a sun-warped mix of Yoshimi-era Flaming Lips melodics and almost-but-not-quite trad. country punchiness, never quite one or the other. It’s almost as if the fact that the original four-man lineup was bolstered to seven for the group’s new album sessions has widened the band’s scope in-song – this has a kick to its chorus that, although presumably weakened by some restricted depressant or other, feels distinct from ‘By Your Side’s exponential echoes. Then again, I actually know fuck all about the band’s own original compositions, so this might all be par for the course. As a beginner, I’m liking it.

You can grab the song below, or go here and get it as you sign up for the band’s newsletter to get info on their new album, The Tarnished Gold as and when it comes along. It’s out on June 26th and I will actually listen to it.

Beachwood Sparks – Forget The Song (YSI)