So I was actually coming here to post about something completely different and amazing, but THAT CAN WAIT.

I’ve been getting gradually more and more excited about the upcoming Father John Misty record – J. Tillman’s first solo album after leaving Fleet Foxes – based solely on the fact that I can’t stop listening to ‘Hollywood Forever Cemetry Blues’, so to find an album track secreted away on a seemingly unconnected Soundcloud account has confused and excited me. ‘This Is Sally Hatchet’ begins as what sounds like some spindly blues-pop but ends with a beating, dramatic riff that sounds straight outta ‘Kashmir’ (mash-up artists, HO!). How it gets from one to the other is an exhilerating journey of husky barroom choruses, creepy atonality and a life story seized up with the dust of Americana. It’s wonderful, evocative stuff that’s only spurred me further towards the Misty bandwagon.

Father John Misty – This Is Sally Hatchet