Photo courtesy of Julia Gillard

Spring has come early where I am. Blue skies, long afternoon shadows, the sound of builders listening to terrible commercial radio and singing along to Pet Shop Boys hits – it’s all there. Perhaps that’s why I’m gravitating to the kind of lazily melodic music I tend to love in sunnier periods, including Sean Bones’ newly-released track ‘Hit Me Up’.

The B-side to his new single, ‘Here Now’, it’s a beautifully laconic mix of bubbling Flaming Lips synths, vocals ripped from the (pretty boring) confines of the “chillwave movement” and jangly, indie guitars slowed right down to a pace more reminiscent of the kind of music reggae artists might make if I ever bothered to listen to that genre. Basically, it’s slow, it’s happy and it’s wonderful. Judging by the more familiar indie-pop of the A-side, we might not hear much more of this from Mr. Bones (who would make for a terrific porn character, by the way) so let’s savour what we’ve got – this is hazy summer music of the very best kind.

Sean Bones – Hit Me Up

PS. As I was about to post this, I found out that Mr. Bones (haha (hahaha)) released a nice, pitch-damaged, lo-fi folk track last year, so have a listen to that too:

Sean Bones – One For The Grubs