Put some headphones on, turn this on and let the drum intro pummel your mind out of its soft casing.

I could leave this post at that, but I might write just a little more. I’ve never been greatly interested in Blood Red Shoes – loud, boy-girl, indie-rock duo they might be, but their noise never moved past “quite good” on my White-Stripes-o-Scale. It’s perhaps a little evident of my internal bias, then, that the reason I like this new single quite so much (apart from the aforementioned cerebral danger) is the tone of the guitars. It sounds quite a lot like The White Stripes.

Well, at first anyway. Then it sounds like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs a bit, then it sounds a little like how The Subways used to sound (and people used to like The Subways, even if they don’t care to remember that inconvenient fact), then it sounds like The White Stripes again, then it has a sort of post-hardcore bridge. Basically, it sounds like lots of cool stuff and, in these postmodern times, it’s occasioanlly fun to remember that just sounding like old, good stuff can actually be pretty awesome. Unfortunately, it then it ends disappointingly abruptly. A fix: turn on that intro again.


Blood Red Shoes – Cold