Oh my fuck do I love psychedelic country music. I’ve actually more or less written this exact same post before about Futurebirds, but I feel the need to clamour once more. I love it so much that I’m willing to force myself to believe that songs that even vaguely sound like they could be psychedelic country definitely do fit into the category so that I can like them more. It’s like some kind of MK-ULTRA style aggressive reconditioning, except on myself. This angry adoration might explain why I’ve been subsisting on a song each by Capitol Six and Bear Driver recently. It’s the kind of music that would make me brazenly scream “yeah!” into people’s faces and point at objects indiscriminately if it didn’t make me feel so warm and sleepy.

Capitol Six – Fever

Bear Driver – Never Never

I swear, if you make music like this, send it to me, mark it as such and you’re almost guaranteed to get a post out of me about it.