Chris Anderson is a very elusive man. With only a sparsely decorated Myspace page dedicated to his one-man band, Songs for Dead Sailors, I really have no idea who he is, what he’s up to or where I can find more from him. Which is weird, these days. Only one mp3 of his has been released (though the For Folks’ Sake New Bands’ Panel) and, given its status as the currency of new music these days, I was completely unaware, and very happy to find out, that two new songs of his had been released in September. ‘She’ is very much a continuation of previous work, a crisp, lovelorn affair accumulating atmosphere around Anderson’s nucleic vocals – subdued, swooning and Wild Beasts-esque (well, if Wild Beasts’ vocals weren’t continuously grating). ‘Caspian’ is a rather more interesting affair, a track clearly built from the same space as each of the other songs, but towards a different goal. Comprising rise and fall backing guitar harmonics, a slight groove to Anderson’s intonations and what is officially the funkiest outro he’s yet produced, it’s a clue towards a wider scope than we might have expected.

It’s not massively surprising that, given Myspace is hardly the hip and happening, go-to streaming service it used to be, both tracks have failed to hit more than 20 plays between them. Let’s change that, because they’re brilliant. Below are a couple of slightly dodgy Myspace rips (that, if Mr. Anderson is reading, I am more than happy to take down at a moment’s notice) that I want you all to listen to. Let’s make sure we get more of this, and that we know about it when it next happens.

Songs for Dead Sailors – She

Songs for Dead Sailors – Caspian