I’m an unashamed (OK, a little bit ashamed) fan of mid-noughties indie. That particular NME-sponsored revolution kicked off just as I got truly interested in music and so I dove in headfirst, blindly hoovering up demos, sessions and releases by the likes of The Maccabees, Good Shoes, The Young Knives, The Futureheads et al. I was contantly excited about the next release, smugly contented at being ahead of the curve, a true music snob-in-training (I’m now fully trained, by the way). So how did I miss Field Music? They seem to be one of the few bands of that indiesplosion who have come out of it intact or with real credibility to their name and yet I had never listened to a moment of their music.

This has now been rectified. A fluttering of happy tweets caught my attention, and before long I had ‘(I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing’, the first release from the Brewis brothers’ upcoming fourth album Plumb, sitting in my iTunes – and what a way to introduce themselves. Lumbering between sluggish math-rock, post-punk and moments of chanting that act as wonderful incantations to that part of my brain that will always be 15, it’s a heady mix of nostalgia-fumes. They even articulate my teenage feelings – “I keep thinking ’bout a new thing/I’ve been trying to understand it” just about sums up my musical worldview at that time. Everything that led up to this seemingly epochal moment didn’t matter to me, it was what was happening at that moment that seemed so exciting. What’s brilliant is that now I can do it all again.

Field Music – (I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing (YSI)

*Despite going to rather a posh school, students, including me, insisted on using “sick” to mean “cool” at this time. It was stupid.