“Pardon me. It’s very rare to see… real magic.” – Some dude in The Prestige (which is really good and is where the picture of that handsome devil above comes from)

As I’ve made clear in some relatively recent posts, I had rather fallen out of love with the process of actively searching out music. The (self-imposed) pressure of always being on the lookout for something new and exciting meant I had very little time to really listen to things, get to know tracks and albums like I did when it wasn’t such an active concern. So much of music is a passive experience – we use it to fill in silence or boredom or soundtrack films; the actual activity of listening to music is rarely the only thing going on at the time and in forcing it to be a solitary experience, I made myself resent it a little.

Which is why finding two genuinely exciting songs in one week has made me a very happy indeed. Both of these tracks hooked me, jolted me out of whatever else I was doing and truly forced me to listen – the effect all great music should have. I’m not sure I want to say too much about both of them, sufficed to say they’re both forceful, immediate and quite unlike one another. I feel about as excited as I have done in quite a long while about this stuff and, whilst I’m still working my way back into truly, completely caring about that search, this is a good sign.

Gross Magic – Sweetest Touch (YSI)
Sons of Joy – I Wouldn’t Mind Dying (YSI) – my thanks go out to the superlative Matthew at Song, By Toad (again) for this one

PS. It only occurred to me after I wrote this that Gross Magic also fits into the Prestige theme of this post. I’m a genius!