There are many disadvantages to being as lazy as I undoubtedly am when it comes to checking my inbox. You build up huge amounts of messages that you don’t want to read all at once. You miss out on being the first to talk about a great band (this matters if you’re anything like me, honest). You constantly suspect that you’re missing out on the next big thing.

There is one advantage, however. When you find an email from three months earlier, download the track within, love it, and then find out there’s a whole album more that’s been released since the initial email was sent. That’s always good.

And so we find ourselves with Wet Wings, a Wellington duo (there’s not enough New Zealand music) who with ‘Feeeel It’ have, despite some interesting vowel elongation, crafted a truly brilliant tune. I like it so much I’ve put it on this week’s radio show and written about it in one day. On the show *SPOILER* I called it cyberfolk, simply because it sounds like it should be simple, somewhat twee and a little bit lovely, but has been creatively augmented with hazed-out background ambience and some truly unexpected synth drums to transcendent effect. Then again, I have played a lot of Deus Ex this week, so it could just be folktronica (but cyberfolk sounds cooler). Not only this, but there’s a whole album more in the form of ‘Glory Glory’ which I’m very much looking forward to listening to. Although I might wait a few months.

Wet Wings – Feeeel It (YSI)