Sorry, I’ve been in Germany.

However, the upside to that is that the fact that I’m finally going to write about this track becomes “fitting” as opposed to “indicative of my singular laziness when it comes to listening to what I’m sent on the blog email” (please keep sending me stuff!). German Error Message is the work of Paul Kintzing, Louisiana native, Widowers collaborator and bedroom art-folk maestro. ‘Reaching Out’ is the track I’m allowed to let you download from his most recent album (the German Error Message Project has apparently been around since 2004) and is, quite simply, abolutely wonderful.

I’m a big fan of the rise of so-called bedroom artists. I love the sparser sounds necessarily caused by having to record alone in a cramped, acoustically unsuited space, and so the fact that Mr. Kintzing seems to be of an ilk with that particular musical trend was enough to pique my interest. He did not deliver on that front. Beyond the gentle hiss of the recording process, ‘Reaching Out’ is a brilliant (and essentially misleading) piece of production, layered with mandolin, acoustic guitars and Kintzing’s own slumberous tones. Each gently complements each other whilst never quite letting you forget that there’s more going on throughout than you can quite get a grip on. If I were to use a song/dessert metaphor, this is a trifle. I fucking love trifle.

‘There’s something in the marrying of what is a pointedly relentless use of strummed instruments with the hazy glow of the finished piece, and the track’s refusal to have a proper intro or outro that makes this an incredibly easy song to get lost in and simply listen to over and over again. Luckily, my trance has been broken by the presence of a whole, FREE album, that I’m downloading as I type. If it’s as good as this track, I may be away for even longer until my next post.

German Error Message – Reaching Out (YSI)