This post will offer you nothing new if you’ve already read the previous one. It’s something of an experiment, as the Hype Machine doesn’t appear to be recognising when I’ve posted Soundcloud tracks and, given that it’s my main source of traffic this seems like a bad thing, especially when I really want people to hear artists like James Mathé (on a side note, if you come here specifically because you want to, I love you). Below are all three tracks from his new EP, Memory Laps. Below those, in the last post, I extol the virtues of both EP and artist. To those who have already seen/heard this, I apologise for nothing. To those who will (hopefully) see/hear this because of Hype Machine, I am vindicated!

James Mathé – re:stacks

James Mathé – Turbine

James Mathé – What Do We Know Love?