I’m not sure how to feel about Tyler, The Creator (and, by extension Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All), apart from the fact that I really like the comma in his name. Then again, I’m probably not meant to be able to. From ‘Yonkers’ first line, “I’m a fucking walking paradox. No I’m not/Threesomes with a fucking triceratops” it becomes clear this isn’t your run of the mill hip-hop fare. Equally chanelling the calculatedly insane violence of early Eminem and the surreality of Captain Beefheart, Tyler’s lyrics are immediately recognisable and immediately different from what we’ve become accustomed to from this particular music scene recently by warrant of balancing the essentially morally reprehensible and the oddly contemplative (“Fuck the fame and all the hype G/I just wanna know if my father would ever like me“). It’s no coincedence then that the wonderfully sparse production puts all the focus on Tyler’s deep, relentless vocals, even cutting out completely at the point where he goes truly over the top, before continuing, just as calm as he suddenly becomes. This is measured, intelligent hip-hop made  by a seemingly unhinged man. It could be the (odd) future, it could just be a postmodern prank, it could even be an odd flash in the pan for a stagnant scene. Whatever it is, I think I like it (even if he is “stabbing any blogging faggot hipster with a Pitchfork“).

Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers (YSI)

This post comes with thanks to Pop Headwound