It’s been a little while since I’ve posted here. It’s been even longer since I posted about Radiohead. You will, I assume, have heard today’s news. How did you react? I ran breathlessly around my house trying to find someone who was in/up to tell. No-one was so I rang my friend and ranted at him happily. I haven’t felt like that since… well, since I found out about In Rainbows probably.

Now that the excitement’s sink in and I’ve, predictably, ordered the full “newspaper” set (I learnt my lesson by missing out on the Disc Box last time around), all I can do is wait. It’s unnerving. But brilliant. No indication as to how it will sound, what songs will be on it, how the band have progressed, nothing. It’s like going to see a film when you haven’t heard or seen a thing about it.

Saturday suddenly seems very far away, doesn’t it?

I love Radiohead.

Radiohead – I Am Citizen Insane (YSI)