One listen can change everything. I just never understood Deerhunter before I heard Halcyon Digest. Their ideas seemed to disparate, never quite melodic enough to hook me, not experimental enough to be artistically interesting – that binary ruled my thinking of them. But once I’d heard a whole album, really got a feeling for what they try to do consistently, it all came together.

‘Nothing Ever Happened’ from Microcastle just never got under my skin before, but once I saw the scope of the band’s desire and relistened to it today, it made perfect sense. The almost imperceptible mutations from the bass-heavy British post punk sound of the intro to the Pavement-indebted indie rock of the middle into the not-quite-experiment but not-quite-refrain of the finale bowled me over, and I’ve been listening to it all evening, trying and failing to work out just how they’ve done it. It just needed time.

Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened (YSI)