Two songs have been pinging about regularly on my iPod for a couple of days that I’ve realised are similar in many ways but sound completely different. Beirut’s ‘My Night With The Prostitute from Marseille’ and Sufjan Steven’s Too Much are both (mainly) electronic tracks from artists better known for a folkier output, so some crossover might be expected, but the results are just completely disparate.

The former is a restrained, vocal-driven track with a brilliantly dancey drumbeat, whilst ‘Too Much’ nearly lives up to its title by starting out sounding like a Nine Inch Nails track, quickly turns into a jerky anthem, falls quiet and then goes completely mental as an entire orchestra unfolds out of the swirling electronics for a ridiculously exhilerating finale.

I think I just love hearing two artists taking a similar path and ending up in very different places but with the same end result: A very happy listener.

Beirut – My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille (YSI)
Sufjan Stevens – Too Much (YSI)