Here’s a little something I wrote for the Newcastle Courier about the new Deerhunter album:

Bradford Cox, lead singer of Deerhunter, is a bona fide music lover. Four albums in with his band, two with his solo project, Atlas Sound, numerous EPs, contributions to other bands’ work, movie soundtracks – this is a man who just can’t do enough. It seems fitting then that his band’s newest effort reflects that all-encompassing desire to seemingly involve himself fully in music. Halcyon Digest sees the band chew up the myriad sounds of their contemporaries and spit them out, fully formed as one mass of instantly familiar sound that equally remains difficult to pick apart.

The effect is intriguing, leading to whole songs that could be characterised as one thing that then deny that easy identification – ‘Sailing’ takes the swirling, amorphous backgrounds and falsetto laments of Ok Computer but pares them down into an almost acoustic track whilst the throbbing, Arcade Fire rhythm section of ‘Desire Lines’ belies the far more upbeat melody of the chorus. As such, throughout the album, you aren’t just asked to listen to the music, but understand it and involve yourself in the decisions that have been made. It’s a thrilling, changeable experience made by a music lover for music lovers that, I imagine, will only become better with repeated listens.

Deerhunter – Sailing (YSI)