Last year, it was the improbably named Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and ‘Buriedfed’, but 2010 sees Mike Hadreas, aka Perfume Genius, take the MFAGW prize for the unbelievably-depressing-yet-soul-expandingly-incredible song of the year award for ‘Mr. Peterson’. However, don’t think that I’m just taking in one style of music here as the two songs really couldn’t be more different; Robinson’s a sprawling, crescendoed wail of a track, Hadreas’ a pared down piano lament, eschewing instrumental complexity for incredibly personal and devastating lyrics. There’s a sense that this song could have been far happier in its outlook, a slightly troubling but ultimately fond reverie perhaps, but the events described have warped its perspective, and at under three minutes long, it doesn’t allow for redemption from its heartbreaking climax. Amazing.

Perfume Genius – Mr. Peterson (YSI)