It’s very easy to be jealous of Bombay Bicycle Club. On a personal level, it starts with the simple fact that they’re younger than me. Then it escalates to the fact that they’re in a band. Then that they can play their instruments.  Then that they can make a damn fine indie record. And now I find out they can make an excellent acoustic-folk record too? Bastards.

Flaws is an album that simply refuses to stop beguiling you, every turn it takes leaves you with yet another smile, whether its the reworkings of their own songs (‘Dust On The Ground’, ‘Evening/Morning’), the gentle sadness of ‘Leaving Blues’ or the jauntily-plucked, finely tuned ‘Ivy and Gold’. The best parts of the band, i.e. their technical proficiency and Jack Steadman’s tremulous vocals remain from their first album, but otherwise this is quite a new experience and one that highlights not just their sheer skill as a band, but a willingness to embrace new ideas that will serve them well through their already pretty brilliant career.

The final track, ‘Swansea’ showcases this perfectly, beginning as a langourous folk tune reminiscent of Fleet Foxes in its chorus, but as it progresses, the band add twinkling, hypnotic synths into the mix. A sign of what’s the come? I bloody hope so.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Swansea (YSI)