This year, I did something I’ve never done before – I forgot my mum’s birthday. Usually, I would never do such a thing; I’m quite good with my family’s birthdates, so is my dad and I’m too scared of disappointing anyone to not remind myself. Except, it seems, now. And, what with being on holiday and enjoying America’s oppressive heat, I’ve gone and done it again. Music From A Green Window is two years old, but I missed its birthday by a couple of days.

For those of you who read this blog regularly (and I know there are some of you, my blog stats page tells me that), you’ll have noticed my posting get a little scattershot this year, and I can’t promise that that won’t continue, but I still get a lot of pleasure from writing in my own little corner of the web here. I’ve always loved sharing my favourite music, learning more through simply listening, making connections between bands and sounds, and most of all, discovering new music (whether that be new for me personally or genuinely boxfresh bands), and I can’t see me stopping that on my own pretentiously-named blog anytime soon.

So thanks to everyone who reads, writes or creates in this wonderful world of music, and keep coming back to MFAGW – I’m only going to get older and wiser!

This Is Ivy League – Celebration (YSI)