So there are new Arcade Fire songs, and the album’s coming out on the 2nd August in the UK. I am really very, very excited about this, not least because the two songs available to stream on the band’s website are an entirely new prospect for the band – they sound as though they’re finally having fun.

‘The Suburbs’ is a piano-led jaunt that, whilst not entirely joyful in tone, shows a far lighter sonic side to the band, whilst ‘Month of May’ is a punky onslaught, complete with self-referential lyrics about making a record. It’s a strange new world for everyone’s favourite Canadians, and it’s seeming like a brilliant one.

I won’t post the new songs, partly because you should buy them (direct download is available from their website for only $1.99), partly because if you don’t want to buy them you can stream them, and partly because I feel that if I did post them the Web Sheriff would be shutting me down quicker than you can say ‘Une Annee Sans Lumiere’.

So here’s ‘Une Annee Sans Lumiere’.

Arcade Fire – Une Annee Sans Lumiere (YSI)