Wow, uni really is a distraction from blogging. Here are two tracks that couldn’t be more different, more hyped or more brilliant.

Big Boi’s second release from his upcoming solo album, ‘Shutterbugg’, has managed to blow my mind so many times I think I’ve forgotten how to hyperbolically discuss its virtues in list form. Oh wait, here we go:

1) The talkbox beat is the best use of autotuning I’ve heard, and if played on a proper soundsystem I think it might just act like the Brown Note.
2) Big Boi’s flow is so unlike any other in mainstream hip-hop that it immediately engages me every time I hear it.
3) The unwieldy mix of glittering synths and occasional strummed guitar just works, and wonderfully at that.
4) The tiny break into ‘Back To Life’ by Soul II Soul – amazing.

Big Boi – Shutterbugg (YSI)

There seems rather a lot of young, exuberant bands plying their trade in the wilfully lo-fi world of garage rock. What with The Smith Westerns already gracing these pages and those kings of the genre, Black Lips popping up every so often, you’d think I’d have little time for more of the same, but Harlem have knocked me clean off my feet. All the hallmarks of this particular murky corner of the music industry are present: high tempo, twanging guitars, muted background drumming and a complete disregard for production aesthetics. But mixed amongst all of this there lies a little something extra in this Austen three-piece. Michael Coomers’ breathless delivery reminds me of the glory days of Kings of Leon and all the teenage nostalgia that comes with that. I love them.

Harlem – Friendly Ghost (YSI)